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>Dear blog

>Dear blog,
I haven’t forgotten you. It’s just that I still don’t have internet connection in my new apartment…and probably won’t for a while.
In the meantime I cheat on you with your younger sister nanoblogging, by updating my twitter page several times a day. Soon I will be bringing you both together.
While I’m away, please don’t forget to greet the fellow “terricoleans” who pass by and offer them a thought or two, either written or drawn.
With no further instructions, I leave you til next time. Send my kind regards to your Google host server.


>milestone weekend

>Long time…writing from my blackberry tonight: first mobile blogging experience. Getting used to the pearl’s keyboard. Writing in telegraph mode cause my left finger is yelling at me…and cause I’m doing Twitter lately. That’s the “nu thang, y’all know?”
Oh, and milestone weekend cause I moved to a “new” (long story) apartment. Lessons learned?
1. Mom & Dad’s infinite generosity towards their children
2. Murphy’s law applies to moving too
3. I avoided much of it by remaining calm and positive (law of attraction)
4.general contractors are to construction what copyright lawyers are to music.

Gud nait

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