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>Chances are…

>Facebook now has 64 million registered users. That means 1 out of 100 people on Earth are registered.
Think about it…

With so many options available to us in every aspect of life, it is critical now more than ever to align your daily actions with your long term goals. And it is now easier than ever to find people with interests and beliefs aligned with yours.

One click away, not six degrees anymore.


>Blogging is like Sex (II)

>Back by popular demand:
[Click here for the first episode of ¨Blogging is like sex¨. Thanks.]

8. Don´t ever think that post you wrote drunk at 5 AM impressed anyone…
9. Thou shall not covet your neighbor´s blog.
10. ¨I´ve seen his blog. Nothing to be impressed about…¨
11. They say you should blog to please yourself first.
12. Yes, it´s a myth: No one can post 10 times a day.
13. Having a blog does not mean you´re going to post everyday.

>Perfect Sunset III

Another sunset…the third of the series.
The first one I took in Aruba.
The second one in Miami.
This one´s here in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

There´s always something special with sunsets.

>The problem with not understanding

>Web 2.0 = human dynamics 101.

That’s my opinion. These web 2.0 tools we have today are just enablers for us to interact, in the same way we do offline, on a larger scale and faster pace.

One unexpected feature of these tools is that they drive control freaks crazy. Why? Cause you cannot control the interactions that take place when you use them. Hence, the need for authenticity and transparency, of really focusing on the other side of the interaction, rather than your own.

Authenticity and transparency nurture trust. The problem with not understanding these tools, is that you will never align your behaviors online with those that a connected, hyperlinked world values. At the core, these are non other than, I think, our true nature.

>Blogging is like Sex (I)

>Blogging is like Sex.

  1. You start doing it out of curiosity.
  2. You don´t have to wait until you´re married to blog. Not anymore.
  3. Your parents never taught you how to blog.
  4. You´ll always remember your first post.
  5. Had you known it is this liberating, you would´ve started years ago.
  6. ¨I can´t blog right now. I´ve got a terrible headache.¨
  7. ¨No, seriously. I really enjoyed your last post¨.

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