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>Who would you like to sue today?

>Maybe God Himself?

Craaazy crazy world…Have a good one.




>Free Anesthesia

Here´s to soul numbing

>Problem solving…


Thanks Manny!



My perception of what it must have been to go through a ¨kidnap.tionship¨. Descriptions out there? Anyone?


>We all wish other people, especially our loved ones, behaved in a way they don´t, or achieved things we deem easy for them (because they are easy for us).
I think one of the hardest things in life is being able to let go of this, just letting people BE. It all comes down to empathy, being able to walk a mile on the other person´s shoes and understand how hard that thing can be under their circumstances. The other hard thing to do then, is help them create the circumstances that will allow them to achieve it, IF they want to.

Jose Antonio Marina
says that intelligent behavior is characterized by the creation of possibilities.

That´s why managers who inspire get a lot more done in the long run than those who use a command-and-control approach.

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