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The only real sin

The worst thing you can do to yourself or others is to limit the aspiration of our human spirit.

Dedicated to my fellow “shippers” from #YourTurnChallenge.


3 skillsets for success

1. The obvious: hard skills, relevant knowledge of your field.
2. Soft skills: listening, ability to empathize, etc.
3. The “kernel” one: belief in yourself. Develop the ability to go past the fear of failure by diving into it.

I’m sure 1 and 2 we’re 90% ready for anything we want to accomplish. It’s #3 that’s pulling us back really.


How you play your notes


“Your time here is limited.
How you play your notes isn’t.”

I came to this conclusion thinking about drumming and the tremendous freedom one has when playing to a melody. The analogy with life and ownership of your own experience is immediate.

All that noise in your head…

Sources of stress. Check all that apply, add as necessary:
1. The alarm clock
2. We’re running late for work
3. I’m dreading the 11 o’clock meeting
4. Freaking traffic, when will they fix it?
5. I better not be too late to the office, what will they think of me?
6. I’m already running late on my deliverables and it’s not even noon
7. There’s this jerk again, fake smile in 3, 2, 1
8. I shouldn’t have dessert
9. How did the kid do on the exam?
10. I wonder what the Joneses will think of us for not driving that car / not going skiing this year
11. How will this meeting affect my mid year evaluation?
12. No, I don’t think we’ll make ends meet this month
13. I wonder how these shoes make me look
14. I’m late, unable to cool dinner again
15. This freaking traffic
16. I shouldn’t be feeding this to my kids according to…
17. I’m behind on my to-read list. I better keep up or it will affect my career
18. I won’t get enough sleep tonight. Again.


One day. After the other. And the other. And the other.

Then one moment you realize:


You are enough. We all are.

Today is as good a day as any other to remind yourself that you are enough. We all are.

Enough means there’s no need for shame, no need to resort to a persona in order to convince myself that the fear of not being accepted will go away.

Enough means breathing deeply every time you catch yourself judging you… Or others.

Enough means we’ve all spent enough time already looking outward for validation.

Enough means realizing this is something we all do, convinced that we are the only ones doing it.

Enough means you have the talents necessary to achieve that which you want for yourself in life.


Save us from our emails

Some email reminders for the week:

1. Don’t send it. Ok, but don’t copy everyone and their dog.

2. It probably is too long. Aim for 5 sentences ( How? Use footnotes instead of that paragraph in the middle.

3. Start with what you need people to do after reading your email. End with it too.

4. Tell them what to do instead of replying to this email, i.e., only if you avoid an email domino effect will this be worthy of people’s time.

5. Add receivers at the end. Do a quick estimate of the total time your email (reading + action requested) will require. Reality-check yourself.

6. No, the subject line goes at the end. Only after you can summarize what your email is about in 5 words. Include action item preferably. Even better, tell them the purpose of your email: provide information (I), or request action (A).

7. Add 1 or 2 to this list. Share with coworkers and make this the official company email etiquette. Ask 3 friends to do the same.

#YourTurnChallenge takeaways

This post is part of #YourTurnChallenge

Day 7

1. Experiencing failure in advance (“I can’t do it”) is very comforting for the human condition, for some reason.

2. Anyone with enough passion can bring people together and create change.

3. It’s all about connection.

4. There are more like-minded people in your world than you think.

5. If you plan to deliver on a promise only commit to do things with people you care about.

6. Why stop now?

Thank you so much @winniekao

Imperfection is credibility

This post is part of the #YourTurnChallenge

Day 6

We buy Lysol because it kills 99.9% of germs, not 100%.

We buy from each other for the same reason, because we are imperfect.

Imperfect means human which means trustworthy.

Getting unstuck through gratitude

This post is part of the #YourTurnChallenge series

Day 5

I guess I’ll follow the script today and answer the daily question:

What advice do I give for getting unstuck?

Live your life in a way that honors the loved ones who are not here anymore.

Because when you think about them and how you wish they were here, you get an immediate a feeling of gratitude for being alive mixed with sense of urgency to take advantage of the little time you have on this Earth.

The best way to get unstuck is to live, in that very moment, the life which that person would’ve wanted to be living now.

Collect failures

This post is part of the #YourTurnChallenge

Day 4

“… and for every sale I’ll need to do like 10 pitches, right?”, I asked.

“It’s more like a hundred”, he replied immediately.

My mentor is an experienced management consultant and he made me realize that the best approach to find success is to collect failures along the way, the quicker the better.

There’s another way of saying this, like Seth Godin likes to state: “stop hiding”.

Everytime we avoid exposing ourselves to a failure in the form of rejection of any type, we’re hiding. We’re assuming that the “No” is personal, when in reality a “No” is an inequivocal “yes”.

So everytime you want to sell a product, service, idea, or convince a group of people about something in any way, collect failures quickly in order to get to your defined success.

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