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Abundance (endo and exo)


Everybody wants it (money, time, love, health…).
It can be defined as “just enough to get by” or “more than I will ever require in order to never again be worried about it”.

An abundant life is equivalent to a wealthy one.

Many of us look to the outside to provide us with abundance of whatever. We make us the rightful (hopeful?) recipients of the desired.


If you want the Universe / God / Life… to give you abundance of whatever, don’t forget to act the same way back.

The Beatles were right: “… in the end the love you get is equal to the love you make”.


3 motivators behind people’s actions

I was having lunch with a friend who’s a local leader in the non-profit sector. She’s determined, visionary and stubborn in a good way. As we were discussing how to go about internal and external hurdles to advance the initiatives she’s leading, it became clear to us that there are three powerful motivators behind people’s actions in organizations.

The first one is to provide self-assurance. “I am the director of communications, therefore I demand to see your email to the external provider before you send it. You can ask the President, he’s aware and approves of this”.

I do this because it’s good for me.

The second one is to do things because that’s what the company / non-profit / agency is supposed to do. What’s always been done.

“As the director of communications, I oversee, review and approve all external communications”.

This is a way of avoiding to challenge the status quo and the extra effort that comes with it. Less paranoid than the first but a close relative.

I do this because it’s good for the organization.

The third one recognizes the importance of the work to be done, is fully committed to see it come through and doesn’t care about who gets the credit. It admits that mistakes will be done but realizes it’s everyone’s job to prevent them, and doesn’t point fingers at each other months after they happen.

“I am responsible for ensuring all communications efforts are effective, represent who we are and why we do things. How can I help you have the most impact on your conversations with the media / customers / public? By the way, here are my tricks of the trade. I trust you will do the right thing, please follow these guidelines. You know my number if you run into any trouble”.

I do this because it supports a shared vision, serves other and builds something bigger than me or the company.

“I can’t find any answers”

Maybe what you need to find are questions.

The answers you haven’t found are in the questions you haven’t asked yourself yet.


You feel guilty.
You shouldn’t work that much; should earn more money; should be in the office earlier; should spend more time with family.
You should get a new car; should appreciate your things more.
You should go out more; shouldn’t spend so much.

The tyranny of should.

Maybe, just maybe, it all begins with getting rid of should.

Cut yourself some slack. Accept your current state. Enjoy it.
Then leap.

Lasting change occurs when initiated from a point of joy rather than one of bitterness or desperation.

Sure, you should have some degree of dissatisfaction with the current state of affairs, but differentiate the external from the internal. In other words, change because of your circumstances not who you are.

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