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Forgive yourself for being lazy

Know that it’s in our Nature.

“Nu” is the friction coefficient between two surfaces. It turns out it’s higher before (s: static) one object starts to move (d: dynamic) with respect to another. Thus, the force that opposes the movement is higher in magnitude BEFORE the movement takes place.

Just like what happens to you and I when we want to get something done.
Starting is having 50% done etc.

Forgive yourself. Not your fault.


3 secretos de un buen servicio al cliente

1. Declarar que las necesidades del cliente son más importantes que nuestra necesidad de venderle algoy que lo segundo se satisface después de lo primero.

2. Tener claros los puntos de fricción a lo largo de la experiencia del cliente y establecer un proceso disciplinado para eliminarlos.

3. Decir “los sentimos” en caso de que el cliente no esté satisfecho por la razón que sea , no buscando quién tiene la razón sino desde el deseo genuino de que el resultado de la interacción hubiera sido otro.

Por supuesto, estos tres no son ningunos secretos. Son cosas de sentido común una vez alguien en la empresa decide que el servicio al cliente es un centro de ingresos, no de costo.

Indication of future success

Lack of past failures isn’t a good indicator of future success.
Au contraire…


Is it perfect yet?

That’s a question I find in my head whenever I delay execution.
When I don’t kid myself I realize the answer to it – “no” – is the excuse for putting off plans, decisions, etc.

I want to get better at getting past this point in the moment. The answer will always be no; the idea of perfection is a subterfuge to be lazy.

I need to change the question to another one:
Did I put enough love into it?
Yes? Then go.



Your own container

It’s been proved that we have a tendency to fill a plate with food. The bigger the plate, the more food we put in it.
The same with a glass and it’s fluid.

Funny how someone else gets to decide the amount of food or drink we end up having if we’re not careful.

Same with your life. If you’re not careful and enough self-aware you’ll end up trying to live the life of those who always seem to be on vacation / partying / dining out on the social network of your choice or tending to agree with those who scream the loudest in those same spaces.

Serving your own food and beverage in their containers.

Better to bring your own container to the party of life.

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