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>Intelligent quotes remain

>So it turns out that trying to get something from someone is really not a selfish act. At least not if you want to be successful.

Dale Carnegie wrote ¨How to win friends and influence people¨. A central idea to the book is that there is only one way to make someone do something; and that is by making that person WANT to do it.
So the next question is: how to MAKE someone WANT to do something?
Enter Charles Green, author of ¨The Trusted Advisor¨ blog. ¨In order to get someone to buy from you something she needs, first you need to understand what it is that she wants (in life).¨

Is what you´re asking for ALIGNED with the other person´s values and desires?


>The increase

Here´s to the ladder´s perks.

>Heaven is a shopping mall

Here´s to ¨I´m afraid to die, that´s why I have 33 pairs of shoes.¨

>Una de fotos…

>Por aquello de que me encantan las analogías…

Esta imagen me pareció la analogía perfecta para mi estado de ánimo cuando la tomé. Llevaba así un par de meses: cuesta arriba, sabiendo que iba a algún lado pero sin entender muy bien dónde ni si quería.

Desde esta semana es más algo como así:

Amplitud, serenidad, empezando a percibir la luz que se asoma.

Qué foto define tu estado de ánimo?


>This makes me wonder what the future of education as we understand it will be like: Via techcrunch: “Freebase is a massive database. The purpose of the database is to centralize as much data as possible, and allow participants to freely add and access data – developers can extract information from Freebase via a set of APIs and add it to their web applications. It also builds relationships between highly structured pieces of data, something that can’t easily be done with distributed data controlled by different entities. “

>Formalismos Laborales

>Pensamiento cínico del día:

“Lo de que el cambio frecuente de trabajo se ve mal en el curriculum se lo han inventao las empresas mediocres, hombre! Para que no se les vaya la peña en cuanto descubren lo mediocres que son.”


Firmado: yo.

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