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Here´s to ¨I want to look beautiful but I don´t know why…oh wait, I do…because that´s what´s expected.¨

Name your insecurities….then kill them.


>Nowhere Path

Inspired by Incubus´ song ¨Nowhere Fast¨.

Some lyrics:

Will I ever get to where it is that I am going?
Will I ever follow through with what I, what I had planned?

Will I ever get to where I’m going?
If I do, will I know when I’m there?

Do you have a vision for your life and a way to get there (other than ¨live everyday….carpe diem…bla bla bla)? Is what you do on a daily basis ALIGNED with it? I think this is one of the simplest ideas to articulate yet most difficult things to execute. What do you think?

>20 extra minutes

>You call a company to demand a service. They´re open from 9am to 5 pm. It´s 5.02 pm and already nobody answers the phone. Result: you think ¨these lazy people drop the pen at 5.00 and they don´t care. I´m sure they´re still around and don´t pick up cause I´m 2 minutes late…¨ The ¨go the extra mile for our customers¨ attitude is nowhere to be seen.

If I were responsible for customer service, I´d pay the receptionist or whomever it is that answers the phone in the first place 10 minutes of overtime before and after business hours to be there and make sure those ¨borderline¨ calls are properly attended. I believe it exemplifies the customer-centric attitude it is talked about so much (¨we´re not just here from 9 to , we´re here for you¨). Plus, those ¨borderline¨ calls are usually very important.

What do you think?

>Predecir el tiempo

>Dicen los expertos que nunca vamos a poder predecir el tiempo con exactitud (teoría del caos, etc.). Lo interesante de todo esto es cómo interacciones en apariencia insignificantes pueden tener una influencia determinante en el ¨macro¨. El ejemplo de cómo el batir de alas de una mariposa puede influir en las corrientes de aire de la otra parte del mundo es clásico. Hoy me enteré de otro.

Resulta que el plancton, ese microorganismo de 1 milímetro de ancho que vive en el agua, ayuda a regular la temperatura de la Tierra. ¿Cómo? Este es el proceso:

La Tierra se calienta
El océano se calienta
Los migroorganismos se ¨excitan¨ y se aparean
Al aparearse liberan DMS (di-metil sulfitos)
El DMS se evapora y provoca condensación
Las nubes blancas tapan parte de los rayos de Sol
La temperatura de la Tierra baja.

En hechos como este se fundamenta la ¨Hipótesis de Gaia¨, de Lovelock, que afirma que la biomasa regula las condiciones las condiciones del planeta para hacer la vida más hospitalaria a las especies que aquí habitan (mos) (pena que algunasa especies nos empeñemos en hacer lo contrario).

Por eso, entre otras cosas ¨hay una parte de la realidad que se nos escapa¨. En este caso lo que nos permite predecir el tiempo.

Prueba a hacer una analogía con:
– Tierra = empresa,
– Plancton = interacciones entre empleados, mercado etc. (lo de aparearse no va 😉

y luego mira si tiene sentido la cultura de ¨command and control management¨…mejor dejar que el Gaia se ocupe.

>Promote slavery

hmm…..Why is it that we want to climb the corporate ladder?

1. Self-realization through ¨inspiring¨ people to execute tactical plans. Hhmmm…nope, they come from high up and they´ve metamorphosed from strategic plans that you´d never want to know how were conceived. Besides, you don´t agree with most of them. Deep inside you think they´re unimplementable.

2. Self-realization through ¨acquiring more responsibility¨ and being able to manage a unit/division/etc. Hhmmm….nope, this involves too many counter creative administrative tasks even robots would go on strike to avoid.

3. Self-realization through ¨being exposed to different roles so I can acquire new skills¨. Hhmmmm…..yeah, whatever.

4. Self-realization through driving a company car, using a corporate credit card and cell phone.
We´re getting there.

5. Got anything better? Please.

How about not climbing the corporate ladder?


1. an object of extravagant short-lived passion
foolish and usually extravagant passion or love or admiration
Synonim: Puppy love.

Here´s to: ¨It´s not you….it´s me¨.

I was thinking about it today and it made me laugh. Got any comments / thoughts / rants you want to share?

>The truth II

>Following the track of coincidence I arrived at this post and wanted to share it. The entire blog is worthy of reading (I know someone in Venezuela who will love to discover it) but this particular one…

¨This little willingness to know ‘What Is’ is enough. It does the rest for us. It knows it’s own way into our conscious awareness and asks only that we give it welcome. In fact, by trying to add more we take away the little that is asked. We don’t need to learn or practice anything or change at all, just come with empty hands and see. It is totally trustworthy.
We are perfect exactly as we are. So no more looking for answers and let’s come see for ourselves instead.¨

It´s funny how the attitudes that work in life work also in business but we turn our backs on them. When was the last time you attended a meeting/sales presentation/contract negotiation where everyone brought this attitude?

  • willingness to know versus fear of not knowing
  • open mind and common goal versus (hidden) agendas
  • trust versus suspicion

…and we still wonder why we can´t get things done and aren´t happy at work.

>I go out at night…II

>Almost forgot:

>I go out at night…


>The truth

Happy Easter…better yet, wish you an Easter of revelation and better understanding of YOUR own truth. A friend of mine was meditating on the idea of ¨the truth shall make you free¨ and he arrived at this conclusion: ¨you will know your truth, and YOUR truth will make you free¨.

That I wish you.

Someone already paid the price so that we wouldn´t have to live with fear (of failure, of change…of the future), with guilt or in the past.

From Mihaly Csikszentmihaly´s book ¨Flow: The psychology of optimal experience¨

Those who seek consolaation in existing churches often pay for their peace of mind with a tacit agreement to ignore a great deal of what is known about the way the world works.

be gud. live laif.

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