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>Dear blog

>Dear blog,
I haven’t forgotten you. It’s just that I still don’t have internet connection in my new apartment…and probably won’t for a while.
In the meantime I cheat on you with your younger sister nanoblogging, by updating my twitter page several times a day. Soon I will be bringing you both together.
While I’m away, please don’t forget to greet the fellow “terricoleans” who pass by and offer them a thought or two, either written or drawn.
With no further instructions, I leave you til next time. Send my kind regards to your Google host server.


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One thought on “>Dear blog

  1. >Hola Joaquin!Vaya dibujos más geniales…wwwoowww me han hecho pensar mucho! Me alegro de haberte encontrado en la red! Seguiré leyéndote.Muac muacIrene (tu ya sabes cual)

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