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>Island hoping

>I just found out Today that I fly to Santo Domingo, D.R. tomorrow at noon. Unexpected, but it´s always a good time to fly away and give presentations on alignment.

No blogging ´til Saturday. I hope to take some cool pictures to post.

Have a great weekend.


>¨Poltrona¨ lifestyle




Yes, it´s THE question.

What is Innovation? Lately it seems like the ¨mojo¨ word, but what does your Company understand by innovation?:

a) Keyword in any strategic plan that needs immediate attention in order to be executed ¨as usual¨;

b) ¨Naipes joker¨ word used as an excuse to explore ¨new ways of doing things¨ (read: to postpone important decisions that rock the boat…);

c) Must-have word in the cover of cool business magazines;

I think innovation is a MINDSET. It´s realizing that:

1. We are not in control. Anyone who pretends to be is set for a good deal of frustration.

2. Nothing that got us here is guaranteed to take us there.

3. Yes, we will fail. And get up. And fail. And get up…..

4. It´s a whole new game… in every industry.

5. Connection is what matters. It´s what brings success. Oh, but don´t search for it; rather, open yourself to it. Otherwise it won´t happen.

And aligning everyday actions and decisions accordingly. That is: reconsidering everything, embracing the chaos, preparing to sail the boat of disruption.

Everything else is…well, tonight´s word: guanno . vation.

What is Innovation for you?


Wouldn´t it be cool to have such a word? It rhymes with ¨cruelty¨…I guess because it´s cruel not to know yourself…or having the outcome of your interactions with other people be leaving them with that idea.

>1,000 !!


We´ve officially crossed the line of a thousand visits!

My first post on this blog was back in October 29. Thank you for coming by, for your comments on and offline. I still suck at drawing on the Wacom pad, but that´s another story 😉 Let´s continue the conversation.

I want to thank all these bloggers for writing on their own voice and inspiring other people, me among them:

Hugh MacLeod
Enrique Dans
Charles Green
Seth Godin
Evelyn Rodríguez
Miss Rogue
Nick Smith

It´s a gud laif. Enjoy…

>F.E.A.R., Inc.


>Fear of failure


This is an idea I´ve had running around in my head for a while…Tonight I saw this post by Henrik Edberg and finally got it out of the system. Highly recommendable blog.

Ok, sleepy again. I wonder if I´ll ever get to sleep more than seven hours. Don´t you wish you had enough with just three? I do. Tomorrow the day starts at 6 am, meeting at 8. Maybe we all need to read this book 😉

gud nait.

>Review the six degrees!

>I think it´s time we review the six degrees of separation statement/axiom/theorem, don´t you?

I mean, what year was that formulated? It came out of an experiment, right? Hmm…let´s see.

Ok, here´s what Wikipedia says. Apparenty the experiment was carried out in 1967 and then again in 2001. In the latter, the conclusion was that six degrees is an average, not a maximum.

Anyways, my point is that the connectedness we´re achieving by means of technology should lower this number in the next decade or so, at least to 4. What do you think?

>Too many…


Inspired on this post by Nick Smith.


I bought this Wacom Graphire4 tablet and have been practicing drawing on it. At first it´s harder than drawing on paper but then you start getting the feel of it and discovering features, etc. The previous post was drawn on it too.

This is my modern version of ¨So much ado about nothing¨…

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