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Everyday choices

We all know we face “either or” circumstances and choices we must make.
“Life is about choices”, some lime to say.

This morning something happened that made me write these down.
They’re choices we face everyday. At work and at home. “Either or” situations.

Hopefully one or more of them make something clic in your head and help you move forward with what you’re struggling with:

– Expected vs. Unexpected
– Process vs. Result
– Gossip vs. Reality
– Focus vs. Distraction
– Mindless vs. Mindful
– Simplicity vs. Complexity
– Power struggles vs. Collaboration
– Opinion vs. Silence
– Shared responsibility vs. Ownership
– Own vs. Delegate
– Strength vs. Weakness
– Getting it done vs. Excuses
– Blame vs. Accountability
– Doing vs. Will do


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