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>I finally did it (II)

>The second piece of my evil plan is up and running 😉
Say hello to little

gUd NaiT.


>I finally did it

>I allowed myself to make it happen.
Years ago this idea of ¨t-shirts that start conversations to inspire people¨ hit me. And hasn´t left.
Then this blog came along. Like I said on the third? post:

Why do I blog? What do I blog about?
I think blogging is a great way to enter this ¨global conversation¨ the web is becoming. I write about life in general, and then try to make a contribution. How?

A few years ago I thought:
– Conversations are the best way to share thoughts, feelings, etc.
We all deserve a good life, but often don´t know how to live it.
– T-shirts are a powerful way to start conversations.

Why not put together the three: life, t-shirts and the desire to live a gud laif? I established my mantra: be gud. live laif.

And so the idea was born. Every once in a while I make t-shirts with thoughts on them. Thoughts about life in general, generally those that I believe contribute to living a better life. Then those t-shirts become conversations when worn by someone.

That was November, 2006. After months of dealing with the ¨you know whats¨ involved in the creative process, finally the t-shirts are a reality. And the nice part is they´re (becoming) available to the world (little by little) over at:

Expect to see more t-shirts coming soon.
Then what? Who knows. But like they say: it´s the things we didn´t do that we truly regret.

Fell free to check them out and let me know your thoughts, here in the comments section or by e-mail:

Thanks for reading!

Feeling you want to do something really interesting and don´t know how to start? Feeling insecure about what people might/will/could say or think?
Read this post by Seth Godin.
Then read Hugh MacLeod´s ¨How to be creative¨.
Then thank them, not me.

>Blogging is like Sex (III)

Back by popular demand (no, motu proprio really) is the Trilogy ¨Blogging is like Sex¨ with its third (and final?) episode. Who would´ve thought you could find 19 similarities between both. Heh.


If you haven´t done so yet, read the
chapters first for the full experience 😉

Then enjoy the third:

Blogging is like Sex (III):

14. ¨He´s worried his post is not long enough for her…¨
15. You shouldn´t pay for someone to blog…you.
16. It´s not nice to accept money to blog for other people, either.
17. If I were you, I´d worry if you only post every six months.
18. I´d worry even more if you don´t get any comments about your [infrequent] posts.
19. There really is no good blogging without LOVE.

Got another? Leave a comment with it!

>Get off the ladder!

>They call it the Corporate ladder. And they say you should climb it. That´s the goal.

I say the Corporate ladder is a state of mind. The wrong one to be in. I say it´s confusing goals with outcomes.*


When ¨moving up the corporate ladder¨ becomes your career´s goal, you do stuff that´ll take you up the ladder. Never mind sacrificing your passion for the sake of moving up the ladder you´re in.

Get off the [corporate] ladder!

I feel like making a series of t-shirts with these ideas in them. What do you think?

* For great examples of confusing goals with outcome, in the realm of trust, visit Charles Green´s blog.

>Who would have thought?

>A while ago I wrote this post about the similarities between blogging and sex.
Then I wrote a second post.

Lately, I´ve been getting a lot of visits from random countries, mostly Eastern Europe. I did my research, and…

As it turns out, if you google ¨sex laif ¨, the third hit is the first episode. Heh.

The third episode is almost ready. Now, for integrity´s sake, I need to make a t-shirt… Humor is another way of changing the world, no? 😉

Stay tuned.

>Public Service Announcement for Spam victims

>Do you live in Puerto Rico? Have you been getting lots of spam  sms messages (unsolicited, irrelevant to you, stuff that just interrupts and annoys you) on your phone for a while now? Signed by

Call them and tell them you don´t want their unsolicited e-mails. I did and, contrary to my expectations (I thought this was an AT&T thing that I´d have to stand if I wanted sms service), it stopped. They did say they got the information from my carrier (shame on you AT&T…Yes, I know that must be somewhere in our Terms of Agreement. Shame on you still).
I´ll spare you the visit to their website. Their phone is (787) 707-0750. And  they do spam phones other than AT&T´s.
Happy end of spamming season.

>Old San Juan

This is a street in Old San Juan.
The light was great for pictures that day. Photo taken with my iPhone.
But the coolest thing was the visit I placed Ben & Jerry´s after that 😉
By the way, the owner of that B&J´s in Old San Juan is Michelle Campi, yep, that Michelle Campi.

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