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>Global Warming

>Looks more like WRONGbal Warming…

En español…

In English…

Oh well.


>The problem with Customer Loyalty…

>…is that it should be Loyalty to the Customer.

>The problem with Human Resources

>…is that humans are not resources.

When utilizing a resource, such as fuel, it gets used, burns out and all remainings are waste. It doesn´t benefit from the interaction in any way. Not a good analogy for humans, although all too familiar sometimes.

Humans want realization. The problem with treating humans as resources is that it might be ALIGNED with a company´s needs for something to use and burn out, but certainly not with humans´ wants.

I´ve been thinking about this for weeks. Today I read Seth Godin´s point of view: why not a VP of Talent.

>Everything wired to everything else


Talk by Vilayanur Ramachandran in 2007´s TED conference.

>The problem with selling

>Today someone gave us a presentation on his product. Things I remember in no particular order:

1. Seven bullet points in a single slide, all appearing at the same time…as an introduction.
2. Misspellings in several pages.
3. ¨Yes, I´ll answer that but first let me show you this other feature because if not we´ll be here ´til tomorrow morning¨. (yes, he did say that).
4. He spoke for 20 minutes more than we had agreed.

The message I got was:

¨I´m here to tell you about my product. I know you have problems, and I don´t know them yet. If we have time at the end, we´ll discuss your situation; but first, let me tell you all about the features of my product and the things it can do. I hope this will impress you enough to ask me to come again, and then prepare a proposal.¨

You have an option: try to sell features, or offer to solve problems (that those features happen to solve). The problem with the first approach is that people can tell it´s not ALIGNED with their needs.

This guy is the General Manager of the Company.


>2,000 visits and counting! Thanks for stopping by, seriously. Attention is a gift, so I appreciate your reading this.

Be gud. Live laif. 😉

>Suspicious Office Humor

>3pm, exhausting day @ work, your mind starts spinning…You come up with a suspiciously funny joke:

¨How do they mute a phone in [insert favorite place here]?¨

>Life Template

>Here´s to vicarious existence…

>Extreme 9 to 5

Come n´ play, come n´ play…

>My idea of you…

Will you marry your idea of me!????

Update: Craig Harper says it better. Read his post the morning after posting mine. Talk about coincidence. Worth reading 😉

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