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Free to be free


Albert Wenger writes in his blog “Continuations” that there’s really no scientific basis for free will. He agrees with Brian Greene on this one.

Some other people think there is scientific basis for free will.

Me? I think this cartoon sums up the issue…


Thank God for Clay Shirky

You just can’t explain it better…

“Once you see this pattern—a new story rearranging people’s sense of the possible, with the incumbents the last to know—you see it everywhere. First, the people running the old system don’t notice the change. When they do, they assume it’s minor. Then that it’s a niche. Then a fad. And by the time they understand that the world has actually changed, they’ve squandered most of the time they had to adapt.”

Random acts of generosity


Random means random only if you don’t know the relationship between an event and its cause.

I think the best thing we can do personally and professionally are “random” acts of generosity.

The person on the receiving end might view it as random, but not to you. You hope your action is helpful to them. You hope they take advantage, you hope they pay it forward etc.

You can’t control the outcome, and you fully accept it. That’s what makes it generous.

Give more, expect less etc.

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