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A paradox:

To paraphrase Prof. Srikumar Rao: put a 100% into what you do, desire it with passion and be 100% ready to move on if the outcome is not what you expected; that´s where happiness/success lies.

The more you want something and the more you accept the outcome whatever it turns out to be, the more likely it is that you´ll get it. Not to be confused with not giving a damn and just doing stuff.
In other words, make ¨k=0¨ in your internal resort. The higher ¨k¨, the more work you need to do in order to move from 1 to 2 and the least probable it is you´ll get there.



UPDATE: Looking for inspiration? Read Evelyn Rodriguez´s latest post (…or her entire lent series, for that matter):

¨Lots of decaying slices of our life will be sloughing away during these accelerating times of the Springtime. If you haven’t noticed this already, you may be trying to hold on to the dead and stagnant. It’s your choice, but a fair warning that it could be detrimental to hold on to the wreckage.¨

Make k=0.



>Here´s to insecurity…

…and misalignment between value-added and the definition of success.




…is the modern-personal religion. Marx wasn´t that far off.

>Found all you were looking for?

>Formalism: the doctrine that formal structure rather than content is what should be represented.

The ¨What¨:
Borders trains employees to ask every customer ¨Found all you were looking for?¨ at check out. If the answer is negative, the employee will offer the customer help on the items not found, which will lead to a new sale and increased customer satisfaction.

The ¨How¨:
As I was paying in the San Juan store the other night I heard:
Cashier: ¨Found all you were looking for Today?¨
Customer: No.
Cashier: ¨Ok, it´s $18.94¨.

Wait!! Weren´t you supposed to say something else? Why did you bother to ask in the first place?

Gap: a conspicuous disparity or difference between things.

It´s that gap between what is defined and HOW it is executed that marks the difference from a company to another. It´s usually in the little things.


>…failed. Whatever.


>Tomorrow is Shutdown Day. A ¨day without computers¨, social experiments started by two guys in Canada. While I´m not typically drawn to these ¨let´s all…¨ initiatives, I think it´s a good opportunity to prove myself I can live without miss G5 for a day. We´re face to screen a lot lately.

See you on Sunday.

>Change or alignment?

>What do you think?

We don´t need to change the world, we just need to align things. Change is too disruptive…the world is what it is, and we human beings are the way we are. Maybe it´s more like: in order to change the world, we need to align it. How?

There´s one I consider critical, and where I believe many companies have an opportunity to close the gap: alignment between the ¨what¨ and the ¨how¨ of things. Two simple questions that reveal many things. Example: Senior management is clear, visualizes the strategy, is fully committed…and it fails. Happens all too often. Somewhere down the line, the ¨how¨ wasn´t clear and it never got implemented correctly. Of course, there are many reasons to the failure in implementation, but the root cause is this gap between what needs to be done and how it needs to be done (which takes us to clarity in communication, etc).

Case in point: advertising. Advertisers have been failing to effectively make their ads reach their targets effectively. Until Google delivered Ad Sense. What did they do? Align the ad you are presenting with the preferences of the person that is viewing it. How? Effectively closing the gap between the what and the how: placing an ad relevant to the search the person just made.

Got alignment?


Back from Spain. Reconnecting with friends you haven´t seen in years and feeling it´s been like a week is awesome (has to do with the alignment thing, for sure).

So…the weddding was on Saturday. The reception took place in Bell Recó (photo) an beautiful palace built in the 1950s. It´s in Argentona, 30 km from Barcelona.
It seems we´re still in good shape for the 5 a.m. ers, laif is gud. 🙂

>Weekend in Spain

>Off to Spain tomorrow. Friday in Madrid, Saturday and Sunday in Barcelona for Javi´s wedding (that´s the official XPLANATION 😉. Good times.

It´s getting together with close friends with whom I lived six years (memorable moments like ¨gatito, gatiiiitooo…¨, Ildefonso, pears, ¨vaya mmmmiiieerrrda de díaaa!!!¨…..). I´ll post a photo or two next week. Null blogging for me until Tuesday.
Meanwhile, enjoy this…pure life. Awesome.

Laif is gud. Enjoy…

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