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Shame disguised as laziness

You make plans. You fall behind. You stall. You try but say what the heck.

With time feel you start feeling bad about yourself and label yourself as lazy.

It’s not laziness, it’s shame.

Shame about where you “should” be on your plan, on your career, on your relationships, on your perceived social value on facebook…

If you stop and listen, really listen to the internal chatter, it’s something like: I’ll never be able to achieve this, look how much I have to overcome. Look at him/her, they’re so far ahead. I’m not even worthy…

And it gets worse by the day.

It’s shame that triggered the laziness, because why bother, right?

Get rid of the shame. Forgive yourself. Forget past failures (ignore sunk costs) and just start without using any comparison points other than yourself yesterday.

Remember: 0.0000001 is bigger than 0.


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