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Prospective excuses

Ask your team to do a one time experiment.

Instead of focusing on the reasons why we couldn’t do something, come up with how far will we go to achieve it.

Make up prospective excuses.

That way everybody knows how far everyone can go.

In advance.

Which is to say, the “I can if”, rather than “I couldn’t because” mindset.


You give access to…

We subscribe to health plans to have access to care when we need it.

Religions promise access to heaven and eternal life.

People watch shows and read books with the words inside, secrets, uncovered, behind the scenes… because they want access to what other people don’t know.

Realtors sell access to debt liberation.

Universities sell access to the job market.

Consultants sell access to peace of mind.

In a way, every brand is a promise… of access to something unattainable at some point in time.

Since you are a brand, what access do you promise? To whom? Why do they / should they care?

One-pager project planning

We’ve talked about how to save a failing project.

We’ve talked about how to give the bosses a status the way they need it.

But how to start off a project and put it all in an actionable, one page?

I’ve created a public, free, shareable scope definition-meets-risk assessment-meets-role definition-meets-workplan to help you hit the ground running on that project you want to start.

Clic here. Hope you find it useful and share it.

Questions and answers

The answers you haven’t found are in the questions you haven’t asked yet.

What you: love, do… accept

If love can be defined as unconditional acceptance, do you love what you do?

The first thing I need to accept is full responsibility for the consequence of my actions.

Who do you inspire?

‘Thanks for the opportunity to bring your child to life and the trust you’ve placed in me’, he said as he gave me the most sincere hug a doctor can give a patient. My second child had just been born and I remembered that gesture and words from two years before.

We’re talking about arguably the best OB/GYN around, a guy who’s been doing this for over 35 years.

And yet, you can see he puts in the same dedication as the first day, he enjoys what he does and gives people the place they deserve.

You could say those are three of the most important elements of true success in life: passion, beginner’s mind and respect for the other person.

But there’s something else to this story: the fact that a father can come away with room in his mind and heart than just his newborn child and wife, feeling inspired by the dedication of a doctor.

So, two questions: what inspires you?

And the most important one: who do YOU inspire? Everybody can be that doctor.

The solution to our biggest problems

This tweet by @LandryMD speaks so loud.

It doesn’t cite the source of the data but if you know a little bit about the healthcare sector in the US you know it’s accurate.

The solution to our biggest problems lies in personal responsibility. That’s why they’re our biggest problems.


This versus

There’s a difference between:
– “I can’t help you because” and “this is how we can”
– “We better avoid this risk” and “how might we”
– “Per company policy it is forbidden to” and “in order to offer you the best experience”
– “Yes but” and “yes! and imagine if also”

The difference is the attitude you will get from the other person; which might actually influence your own goals.

Being redundant about the obvious

This is obvious and redundant.

Which makes you ask yourself why don’t more people put it into practice.

The first step in increasing process efficiency, improving quality of deliverables and client (and vendor, and supplier, and regulator…) satisfaction is to answer – honestly – the question: do I know exactly what the person after me does in this process and what his expectations are for the outcome of my work?

This applies equally to factory workers, doctora ordering medical procedures, hotel bag boys, casino janitors and beauty salon receptionists.

Ignite Fridays: Pre-failure

I love Don Draper’s quote in a Mad men’s episode:

All fear lies in anticipation

This Neuron Igniter is a riff on that idea. Happy Friday.

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