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Imperfection is credibility

This post is part of the #YourTurnChallenge

Day 6

We buy Lysol because it kills 99.9% of germs, not 100%.

We buy from each other for the same reason, because we are imperfect.

Imperfect means human which means trustworthy.


How to get your product / idea / service bought

1. Start with “wouldn’t it be great if…?

After “if” describe your target audience’s reality without the problem you’re trying to solve for them.

2. Present your idea / product / service as the enabler of that brighter future.

It’s important to be honest here. Look for true alignment between the features of your solution and the brighter future. Don’t use this approach to try to fool anyone or just fill in the blanks.

3. Describe what your target audience needs to do in order to get to 1 via 2.

If your product / service / idea is any good, the benefits will far outweigh the price / effort that needs to be invested.

Prework needed:

A. Clear understanding – on your part – of who’s your audience and what their pain is

B. Deep understanding – on your part – of the benefits of your idea / product / service and how they solve the pain in A. Also, its flaws and areas of opportunity. Be prepared to share them with your audience – don’t be like everyone else.

C. Be convinced that you bring enough value to the table. Otherwise, don’t waste other people’s time.

This is an approach that I’ve seen work. It captures the attention of the intended audience at the beginning and puts the focus on the conversation on how your solution can help me as a potential client.

Notice how I said “how to get bought”, not how to sell. People like to buy, not to be sold.

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