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Indication of future success

Lack of past failures isn’t a good indicator of future success.
Au contraire…



3 skillsets for success

1. The obvious: hard skills, relevant knowledge of your field.
2. Soft skills: listening, ability to empathize, etc.
3. The “kernel” one: belief in yourself. Develop the ability to go past the fear of failure by diving into it.

I’m sure 1 and 2 we’re 90% ready for anything we want to accomplish. It’s #3 that’s pulling us back really.


Collect failures

This post is part of the #YourTurnChallenge

Day 4

“… and for every sale I’ll need to do like 10 pitches, right?”, I asked.

“It’s more like a hundred”, he replied immediately.

My mentor is an experienced management consultant and he made me realize that the best approach to find success is to collect failures along the way, the quicker the better.

There’s another way of saying this, like Seth Godin likes to state: “stop hiding”.

Everytime we avoid exposing ourselves to a failure in the form of rejection of any type, we’re hiding. We’re assuming that the “No” is personal, when in reality a “No” is an inequivocal “yes”.

So everytime you want to sell a product, service, idea, or convince a group of people about something in any way, collect failures quickly in order to get to your defined success.

Ignite Fridays: Pre-failure

I love Don Draper’s quote in a Mad men’s episode:

All fear lies in anticipation

This Neuron Igniter is a riff on that idea. Happy Friday.

Pecha Kucha en Seriously Creative

¿Alguna vez has hecho un Pecha Kucha?
Si te gusta hablar en público es una forma muy divertida (y retante) de presentar ideas.

¿Conoces Seriously Creative? ¿¿¿¿¡¡¡Nooo!!!????
Pues son una gente muy simpática, divertida, inteligente y generosa que organiza sesiones de Pecha Kucha una noche cada mes o dos. Y son eventos llenos de energía e ideas para mejorar Puerto Rico.

Además, acaban de salir en como una de las oficinas más “cool” 🙂 Definitivamente es EL SITIO para sacar provecho a una sesión de trabajo. Y Dana, Angie y su equipo son una delicia de personas.

Pues eso, el vídeo de arriba es mi Pecha Kucha #11 en Seriously Creative del pasado mes de junio (… cómo pasa el tiempo…) hablando sobre FAILURE.

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