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Is it perfect yet?

That’s a question I find in my head whenever I delay execution.
When I don’t kid myself I realize the answer to it – “no” – is the excuse for putting off plans, decisions, etc.

I want to get better at getting past this point in the moment. The answer will always be no; the idea of perfection is a subterfuge to be lazy.

I need to change the question to another one:
Did I put enough love into it?
Yes? Then go.




Prospective excuses

Ask your team to do a one time experiment.

Instead of focusing on the reasons why we couldn’t do something, come up with how far will we go to achieve it.

Make up prospective excuses.

That way everybody knows how far everyone can go.

In advance.

Which is to say, the “I can if”, rather than “I couldn’t because” mindset.

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