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How to ask for honest feedback

In one simple sentence:

Let me know what you think, not what I want to hear.

This an effective way to let the other person know that yes, you have the desire to please with your proposal, project idea, business venture… but your relationship is important enough that you have removed this desire out of the other person’s way.


Illusions in the workplace

Parker Palmer argues that life takes us on a journey of disillusionment, away from fiction and toward reality and truth.

He talks about 5 illusions:

1. The world as a battleground

2. Scarcity

3. I am what I do

4. Only cultivating rewarded talent

5. Everything must be measurable


Think about the interactions at work for the last week. How many of these can you identify?

One-pager project planning

We’ve talked about how to save a failing project.

We’ve talked about how to give the bosses a status the way they need it.

But how to start off a project and put it all in an actionable, one page?

I’ve created a public, free, shareable scope definition-meets-risk assessment-meets-role definition-meets-workplan to help you hit the ground running on that project you want to start.

Clic here. Hope you find it useful and share it.

The solution to our biggest problems

This tweet by @LandryMD speaks so loud.

It doesn’t cite the source of the data but if you know a little bit about the healthcare sector in the US you know it’s accurate.

The solution to our biggest problems lies in personal responsibility. That’s why they’re our biggest problems.


Being redundant about the obvious

This is obvious and redundant.

Which makes you ask yourself why don’t more people put it into practice.

The first step in increasing process efficiency, improving quality of deliverables and client (and vendor, and supplier, and regulator…) satisfaction is to answer – honestly – the question: do I know exactly what the person after me does in this process and what his expectations are for the outcome of my work?

This applies equally to factory workers, doctora ordering medical procedures, hotel bag boys, casino janitors and beauty salon receptionists.

Ignite Fridays: Pre-failure

I love Don Draper’s quote in a Mad men’s episode:

All fear lies in anticipation

This Neuron Igniter is a riff on that idea. Happy Friday.

The fourth question

The first question is: Do you know where you want to go?

The second question is: Do you know where you’re going?

The third question is: Is there a difference that bothers you?

The fourth question is: What are you going to do about it?

Ignite Fridays: comfortable growth

Everybody wants it.
THEIR way: easy, fast, risk-free, compounded…

But you and I already know the consequences, for which this neuron igniter is a humble reminder.


Second guessing

Imagine we could know the amount of time we collectively spent second guessing ourselves today. Just today.

How much time wasted.

How might you cut yours in half tomorrow?

Long term investment

Working on something for a long time and seeing the fruits of your labor after many years of hard work is a great feeling. Looking in the mirror and thanking yourself for the generosity of keeping a promise, sustaining an effort and pushing through.

Things like long marriages, vaccines, missions to Mars.

Are you not involved in some long term effort that will make you proud in 5, 10 years? What would it take?

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