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I love when Hugh MacLeod draws.

I love it even more when he writes. I discovered – and got into –  blogging thanks to him (as well as Seth Godin and Enrique Dans).


Safe space

A safe space is that area in your life that you define and protect against feeling guilty for acting a certain way, against the avoidance of experimentation for fear of failure or talking to yourself in a way that drives you away from your true self.

Work is an environment where it’s especially important to cultivate a safe space.

What safe space have you defended lately?

Better question yet: what safe space have you allowed to be hijacked lately?

Learn the inner workings

As we grow up we learn “how things are done”.

We see what people do and file it under “how things should be done”.

What we typically don’t have access to – and many times have to learn things the hard way afterwards – is why people do what they do.

And so people take 30 year loans to buy a house. People apply to a job in a company, wait to be picked and then fight their way up an imaginary ladder – a symbol of perceived stability.

But we don’t know about the inner workings.

We don’t know about the real estate market and how credit default swaps might affect house prices in 10 years.

We don’t know about automation, Moore’s law and the evolving relationship between human labor and machine labor.

Until life happens to us and we have no choice but to adapt to new circumstances.

Things are easier when you look beneath the rug and learn the inner workings.

It’s a smart synonym for anticipation.

Management vs. Leadership #neuronigniters

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Your own container

It’s been proved that we have a tendency to fill a plate with food. The bigger the plate, the more food we put in it.
The same with a glass and it’s fluid.

Funny how someone else gets to decide the amount of food or drink we end up having if we’re not careful.

Same with your life. If you’re not careful and enough self-aware you’ll end up trying to live the life of those who always seem to be on vacation / partying / dining out on the social network of your choice or tending to agree with those who scream the loudest in those same spaces.

Serving your own food and beverage in their containers.

Better to bring your own container to the party of life.

#YourTurnChallenge takeaways

This post is part of #YourTurnChallenge

Day 7

1. Experiencing failure in advance (“I can’t do it”) is very comforting for the human condition, for some reason.

2. Anyone with enough passion can bring people together and create change.

3. It’s all about connection.

4. There are more like-minded people in your world than you think.

5. If you plan to deliver on a promise only commit to do things with people you care about.

6. Why stop now?

Thank you so much @winniekao

Imperfection is credibility

This post is part of the #YourTurnChallenge

Day 6

We buy Lysol because it kills 99.9% of germs, not 100%.

We buy from each other for the same reason, because we are imperfect.

Imperfect means human which means trustworthy.

The only real sin

This post is part of the #YourTurnChallenge

Day 3

The only real sin is waste of human potential

The only real sin is waste of human potential

Abandonment vs. Indifference

This post is part of the #YourTurnChallenge

Day 2

Why is it so hard for us to let go sometimes?


1. Because we have a need for control

I’ve heard that one before but I’d like to go further.

2. Because we confuse abandonment (giving up control) with indifference. Trusting with not caring.

Because we feel that by letting go, by renouncing to the outcome, we will think of ourselves as less interested in the issue at hand. And our need to be in control of what we think of ourselves doesn’t allow us to do that.

Reframing NO

If you think about it – and if you’re really committed to the path you’re on – no is just a very clear and inequivocal yes. Sometimes in life the second best thing you can get is a no.

No means:
– Yes, this isn’t the way to go
– Yes, this person’s not interested
– Yes, the other option was the correct one

Here’s to very clear and firm Nos in 2015.

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