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>The problem with not understanding

>Web 2.0 = human dynamics 101.

That’s my opinion. These web 2.0 tools we have today are just enablers for us to interact, in the same way we do offline, on a larger scale and faster pace.

One unexpected feature of these tools is that they drive control freaks crazy. Why? Cause you cannot control the interactions that take place when you use them. Hence, the need for authenticity and transparency, of really focusing on the other side of the interaction, rather than your own.

Authenticity and transparency nurture trust. The problem with not understanding these tools, is that you will never align your behaviors online with those that a connected, hyperlinked world values. At the core, these are non other than, I think, our true nature.


>The truth II

>Following the track of coincidence I arrived at this post and wanted to share it. The entire blog is worthy of reading (I know someone in Venezuela who will love to discover it) but this particular one…

¨This little willingness to know ‘What Is’ is enough. It does the rest for us. It knows it’s own way into our conscious awareness and asks only that we give it welcome. In fact, by trying to add more we take away the little that is asked. We don’t need to learn or practice anything or change at all, just come with empty hands and see. It is totally trustworthy.
We are perfect exactly as we are. So no more looking for answers and let’s come see for ourselves instead.¨

It´s funny how the attitudes that work in life work also in business but we turn our backs on them. When was the last time you attended a meeting/sales presentation/contract negotiation where everyone brought this attitude?

  • willingness to know versus fear of not knowing
  • open mind and common goal versus (hidden) agendas
  • trust versus suspicion

…and we still wonder why we can´t get things done and aren´t happy at work.

>Full Potential

>Having written a bit about achieving full potential and being convinced as I am that getting there is paramount for living a gud laif, it was very refreshing this morning to see a post by Chris Nel on Tom Peters´blog.

Words of wisdom. Hell yeah, let´s get over 20th century management and start redefining business relationships. Base them not on control, but on TRUST. Distrust is one of those lame self-fulfilling prophecies (I thank my boss for teaching me how to identify one).

For all it´s worth, let´s base our lives on trust as a means to achieve our full potential and that of the people around us. Genuine trust. The kind that allows me to genuinely know you and by which I believe in who you are and what you say. When I have questions, doubts, I openly talk about them with you, because I believe in you and trust you…and because it´s the best thing for both of us, not just me.

Yes, it´s that simple…and it still gives you the butterflies, huh?

>I agree

>LinkMichele is one of my mentors and she´s kindly lent me a book called ¨Leadership is an art¨ by Max De Pree, former CEO of Herman Miller.

I am eating up the book, and there is one word I can use to describe what I think about his view on leadership: agreement. I´ve tried to express it in the photo above (that´s the book with the shadow of my face projected on it…trying to give the blog an artistic touch 😉

The book starts talking about achieving your full potential, to me the cornerstone of a good life. Then he goes on to statements like these, which should be ¨graffittied¨ in some managers´ office walls:
¨To make a commitment, any employee should be able to answer ¨yes¨ to the following question: Is this a place where they will let me do my best?¨
¨Would you rather work as a part of an outstanding group or be a part of a group of outstanding individuals?¨

He asks this, because trust is a result of understanding the different gifts people bring to the table. And trust, like full potential, is built and achieved by people, not structures.

So…what structure in your life is preventing you from achieving your full potential? Is it external…or internal?

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