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>Blogging is like Sex (III)

Back by popular demand (no, motu proprio really) is the Trilogy ¨Blogging is like Sex¨ with its third (and final?) episode. Who would´ve thought you could find 19 similarities between both. Heh.


If you haven´t done so yet, read the
chapters first for the full experience 😉

Then enjoy the third:

Blogging is like Sex (III):

14. ¨He´s worried his post is not long enough for her…¨
15. You shouldn´t pay for someone to blog…you.
16. It´s not nice to accept money to blog for other people, either.
17. If I were you, I´d worry if you only post every six months.
18. I´d worry even more if you don´t get any comments about your [infrequent] posts.
19. There really is no good blogging without LOVE.

Got another? Leave a comment with it!


>Who would have thought?

>A while ago I wrote this post about the similarities between blogging and sex.
Then I wrote a second post.

Lately, I´ve been getting a lot of visits from random countries, mostly Eastern Europe. I did my research, and…

As it turns out, if you google ¨sex laif ¨, the third hit is the first episode. Heh.

The third episode is almost ready. Now, for integrity´s sake, I need to make a t-shirt… Humor is another way of changing the world, no? 😉

Stay tuned.

>Blogging is like Sex (II)

>Back by popular demand:
[Click here for the first episode of ¨Blogging is like sex¨. Thanks.]

8. Don´t ever think that post you wrote drunk at 5 AM impressed anyone…
9. Thou shall not covet your neighbor´s blog.
10. ¨I´ve seen his blog. Nothing to be impressed about…¨
11. They say you should blog to please yourself first.
12. Yes, it´s a myth: No one can post 10 times a day.
13. Having a blog does not mean you´re going to post everyday.

>Blogging is like Sex (I)

>Blogging is like Sex.

  1. You start doing it out of curiosity.
  2. You don´t have to wait until you´re married to blog. Not anymore.
  3. Your parents never taught you how to blog.
  4. You´ll always remember your first post.
  5. Had you known it is this liberating, you would´ve started years ago.
  6. ¨I can´t blog right now. I´ve got a terrible headache.¨
  7. ¨No, seriously. I really enjoyed your last post¨.

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