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>Flow me…

From life2pointO:

The alternative to planning and organising is to be open to receive. Not in a passive ‘do nothing’ type of way, but as an active surrender to our inner knowing… and moment to moment engagement with our experience of life as it unfolds before us.

We think that without our conscious control our lives would be chaos. Not so, in truth they would reflect only Love and harmony.

Sort of a self-critique…



>Feliz Año Nuevo. Happy New Year.

My only resolution is to continue to make sure everything I do brings two things to my life. I´ve come to accept that worrying about the future is trying to outsmart God. So, the best way to live life is based on PEACE (of mind) and FLOW. Good things have come my way since I adopted this mindset and, better yet, many more will come (there´s purpose, alignment, etc).

I wish you the happiness that comes to your life when these two words are the basis of your actions. Happy 2007 and God bless.

>Thought of the Day – Flow

>Achieving your full potential is being able to FLOW in what you do.

Drumming analogy to life and business:

You start playing…you FEEL the rhythm, you´re totally comfortable with that beat…your mind stops telling arms and legs where to hit…they do it naturally…your muscles begin to relax…there´s no effort involved…suddenly you are smiling…FLOWING. You´ve achieved not your best drumming yet, but you are at your full potential of realization.
The same in life and at work. Flow. When you are there, you know. When you are not, you regret.

Here…my favorite drummer.

Got flow?

PS. Driving back home from work listening to Incubus works good as idea generator. Even more so after a co-worker you respect says good things to you.

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