The expectation of perfection

Is a bitch. A silent bitch.

There was a time when I was professionally (along with another group of individuals) subjected to unrealistic expectations, meeting them and still getting bashed for it.

This led to frustration in all of us, a loss of touch with my creative side and overall feeling of frustration with all things work. It only subsided on the fifteen minutes after a goal was achieved.

The search for perfection is a problem of misplaced expectations which leads to “why try? why even try?”.

After I left that situation, it took me less than a week to regain interest in creating stuff again, and realizing that the creative process respects your pace (the opposite is seldom true, but…). So a word of advice: if you ever find yourself having these thoughts…

“You should have everything figured out…”

“You should be able to anticipate all risks and manage them…”

… it’s time to recalibrate your expectations.

Because these thoughts tend to have an implicit corollary but don’t usually tell ourselves consciously. It is:

…or else you are unworthy

And you are not. Nobody is. Just like nobody is perfect.

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