Happy birthday J.D. Estrada

This was too long for a tweet, so I wrote a blog post because it’s important for me.

Today is J.D. Estrada’s birthday. A close friend and a good indie writer, he happens to be. I always watch his videos but it was today that I realized how much he reminds me of another cool human being: Justin Courtney Pierre, now a solo musician, but forever to be remembered as the frontman of my beloved Motion City Soundtrack.

And so in the spirit of connecting cool human beings, I thought it would be cool to gift Justin one of Jorge’s books: Only Human, a story about vampires, therians, angels, demons… and the human condition. This last thing being something Justin understands very well, as he demonstrates in his lyrics. He gets the power of vulnerability, something Brené Brown would agree on. I’m sure this book would fit right into his appetite for good reads to then talk about on his lyrics.

So… it’s on: Justin, if you read this and can somehow give me your info I’ll send you one of the coolest books you’ll read this year. Alternatively, I’ll have to ask Jorge to come with me to one of MCS’ “don’t call it a comeback” tour concerts and deliver it in person…

This blog post and my birthday wishes wouldn’t be complete without a salute the memory of to Jorge’s late mom, whose strength and determination to live and enjoy life in the process continue to inspire those who got to know her. #CheersMamaEstrada

Happy birthday bladda’brada.

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