Decide. Go.

make decisions

We don’t get paid for what we know. We get paid for making things happen.

And making things happen requires decisive action from ourself and others. Which requires us to inspire them. No matter our position, our title or our level of responsibility.

Action towards established, shared, meaningful goals is what will bring you the results you desire.

Your job description can be summed up into these two words: make decisions.

Decisions, intelligent decisions, are what stands between all of us and our unrealized dreams. Unrealized because we’re afraid to make the mental commitment to take the steps necessary. Every step of the way.

And the first decision of all is to decide that you are worthy and capable of getting what you want.

So… what decision have you been putting off? What results are you giving up on because of that? Who could you be inspiring that would create value in your family, business, community, the world?

Decide on it. Go. Your contribution is needed more than you think.

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