The voice in your head is 3 inches tall (a.k.a. you are taller than you think)

You are taller than you think.

The highest point of your body sits around 3 inches above your eyes, and so your actual height, how people really see you, is taller than how you see yourself.

As with height, so with other things.

We have a voice in our head, we all do. Every time we want to stretch ourselves, to do something beyond the ordinary, to do something that will touch other people in one way or another, the voice kicks in and puts us in our place with things like ‘that’s not going to happen’, ‘you’re not capable of achieving that’, ‘they will reject that proposal’…

In other words: you are not as tall as you think, you’re really 3 inches shorter.

People can’t hear this voice, they see you for who you really are. Taller than you think.

noise in your head

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