Learn the inner workings

As we grow up we learn “how things are done”.

We see what people do and file it under “how things should be done”.

What we typically don’t have access to – and many times have to learn things the hard way afterwards – is why people do what they do.

And so people take 30 year loans to buy a house. People apply to a job in a company, wait to be picked and then fight their way up an imaginary ladder – a symbol of perceived stability.

But we don’t know about the inner workings.

We don’t know about the real estate market and how credit default swaps might affect house prices in 10 years.

We don’t know about automation, Moore’s law and the evolving relationship between human labor and machine labor.

Until life happens to us and we have no choice but to adapt to new circumstances.

Things are easier when you look beneath the rug and learn the inner workings.

It’s a smart synonym for anticipation.

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