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All that noise in your head…

Sources of stress. Check all that apply, add as necessary:
1. The alarm clock
2. We’re running late for work
3. I’m dreading the 11 o’clock meeting
4. Freaking traffic, when will they fix it?
5. I better not be too late to the office, what will they think of me?
6. I’m already running late on my deliverables and it’s not even noon
7. There’s this jerk again, fake smile in 3, 2, 1
8. I shouldn’t have dessert
9. How did the kid do on the exam?
10. I wonder what the Joneses will think of us for not driving that car / not going skiing this year
11. How will this meeting affect my mid year evaluation?
12. No, I don’t think we’ll make ends meet this month
13. I wonder how these shoes make me look
14. I’m late, unable to cool dinner again
15. This freaking traffic
16. I shouldn’t be feeding this to my kids according to…
17. I’m behind on my to-read list. I better keep up or it will affect my career
18. I won’t get enough sleep tonight. Again.


One day. After the other. And the other. And the other.

Then one moment you realize:



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