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Dropping the ROI

This post is part of the #YourTurnChallenge

Day 1

“You could’ve asked me for help! Here, don’t do it alone, let me help you.”

I didn’t see the guy coming as I was preparing to pour the coolant on my car’s engine with one hand while holding the bonnet with the other. I knew he was there because I’d seen him two minutes before painting lines on the floor of the gas station.

“Here, I’ll hold this. Wait! It’s better to get a funnel so you don’t drop the coolant all over, otherwise it’ll be a mess. Let me get it for you”.

“T t th th thank you…”

“Ok, here you go. Pour it… very well… aaaaand there you go. Good job. Let’s just clean this up around here aaaand… you’re all set.”

“This was very nice of you, thank you so much.”

“Not at all, not at all. You have a nice day, ok?”

“You too sir, thanks again.”

And off he went, back to painting lines.

This just happened this morning. A human being helping another human being, without being asked to, going the extra mile. Someone who he will probably never see again, who couldn’t offer anything in return. A 5 minute investment of his time, no material return expected. No material return gotten. Two lives changed for the better.

And if companies are (still) made of human beings, I say that we could do the same at the office. For each other. For us, ultimately.


For the other.

Dropping the ROI.


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