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Quality assurance meets cultural transformation

Nothing says poor quality assurance louder than last minute issues, changes and workarounds.

The QA process is the poor neighbour in every project: that part everybody dreads because “hey, it’s a time sucker, and I’m pretty sure we did everything right”.

And so everyone does their part, sends their output downstream and “if you can’t get your part right it’s probably your fault, I did my job”.

How to fix this? Simple and hard to execute well (otherwise everyone would do it, no?).

In every hand off, make everyone fill a one pager with the answer to one question:

How will I be sure that the next person can do their job right the first time?

An honest response to this question, and everybody will be aware of project interdependencies, risks and key deliverables.

Want to do some cultural transformation work along the way?

Have everybody meet over lunch, share what they’ve learned and ask how much time other people have saved them by answering this question.


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