Start a blog

Seriously. Start a blog if you haven’t done so. Write more on yours if you have one.

It’s a great exercise in clarifying your ideas on a subject and developing a point of view. Most importantly, it calls your own bullshit.

It doesn’t have to be a public site. Use it as a private journal, as an idea dumper, whatever.

I’ve had this blog since 2006 and I attribute the fluency I’ve gained in creating presentations, writing speeches and speaking in public to the exercise of writing here.

Lately I’ve started to write every day as an experiment in how far I can maintain it. I want to see if the little voice in the head is right about the impossibility to put together valuable thoughts for other people on a daily basis.

Many posts I write for myself, to teach me a lesson with something that has happened to me. Others will help me improve and expand my book into a second edition.

You have a lot to offer. Start a blog. Will you?

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