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The problem with Customer Loyalty…

…is that it should be Loyalty to the Customer.

By stating the objective in terms of our needs we forget or misunderstand what it is that the other person wants.

To our company, customer loyalty means a never ending (increasing?) stream of income from customers who never leave. Starting from here we try to figure out what to do to achieve it, to have it our way. And that´s the mistake: customer loyalty as a goal itself, not an outcome.

We can all agree that if we do things for other people they’ll want to come back.

How about asking what the customer really wants? Make it our goal to understand, care and fulfill every need for the customer´s sake, because she wants it, not because we need something else from her.

“But hey! We can’t be everything to everyone. We can’t give everybody what they want!”

True. That’s why you define your promises (your brand is a promise). Once you define them, you know exactly what you need to do for people who want those promises fulfilled. The more specific the promise, the better your clients will understand what they can and cannot expect from you.

As a result, loyalty to the customer becomes a matter of staying true to those promises.

And customer loyalty is a natural outcome of loyalty to the customer.


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