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Align yourself with amazing


Wherever you look, lots and lots of people asking how do I live an meaningful life?

Also, lots and lots advice on how to live a meaningful life. Some of them a bit too happy feely.

Among the helpful one stands out: do amazing things. Be amazing.

I’m ok with that. However it’s still vague and many people do nothing with it.

It begets a second round of questions: ok but how do I do amazing things? How do I do if I’m being amazing?

After this, two options: if you have to ask, you don’t get it.

And another one: Align yourself with amazing.

Life is amazing as it is. Being amazing is just doing things that are aligned with the true experience of life.

So it’s a matter of alignment.

This takes out a lot of the pressure that people feel when they want to live a meaningful life and don’t know how to get to it. There’s something to look up to.

In case you’re wondering: how do I align myself with life?


** Being amazing and aligning yourself with the true experience of life has NOTHING to do with trying to be famous, winning American Idol or making a million dollars by age 30.


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