>Blogging is like Sex (I)

>Blogging is like Sex.

  1. You start doing it out of curiosity.
  2. You don´t have to wait until you´re married to blog. Not anymore.
  3. Your parents never taught you how to blog.
  4. You´ll always remember your first post.
  5. Had you known it is this liberating, you would´ve started years ago.
  6. ¨I can´t blog right now. I´ve got a terrible headache.¨
  7. ¨No, seriously. I really enjoyed your last post¨.

4 thoughts on “>Blogging is like Sex (I)

  1. >Es original??? Sigo leyendo tu pág… promete…

  2. >Orihiná, Orihiná, ya ve tú…Por ahí viene una segunda parte…Qué tal?

  3. >dnd?Bien, no me puedo quejarno soy muy de web 2.0, no por nada, si no porque no sé casi ni lo que es…

  4. >Nada, es una excusa, una manera de llamar a las cosas cuando llegan a 1.9 y evolucionan ;-)Yo tengo mi particular teoría del tema: web 2.0 = back to human basics.

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