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>Cartoons on demand

Funny how in a matter of weeks you reconnect with two classmates you haven´t seen in ages (one since 8th grade). How? LinkedIn and Facebook, of course.

So, my dear old friend Irene sees the cartoons and she asked me if I could draw one with this theme in mind: people who don´t get the ¨coaching¨ thing, and believe that a coach, mentor…is there like a parent to a little kid, mainly to solve your problems, not helping you find the answers, whichever those may be.

Well, here it goes, Irene. And thank you, cause it got me thinking that we all are a little bit that person sometimes. I´m myself currently sensing that little boy inside asking for help and solutions more often than not. Luckily the older brother takes over just in time with a serenading ¨hey, just relax…keep looking that way. And enjoy the journey¨.

Hmmm….maybe the journey is the solution.


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